Does it really need to be translated?

We’ve had enquiries involving huge, long documents which would cost an arm and a leg to translate in full – and it’s true that, usually, it may well be necessary to translate all of a long text. But sometimes you may be able to economise with a bit of careful thinking and planning.

For example, does all of your report need translating, or will the summary pages suffice? Are all sections of your technical manual relevant to foreign clients? If you have only some of the documents in a dossier translated, will that provide you with enough information?

At Aardvark, we have a simple ‘per word’ pricing structure*, so you can play with the numbers to work out what will be most suitable for your requirements. And thanks to our cutting-edge cloud-based translation tools, you will never pay more than once for translation of the same sentence (useful for repetitive documents or multiple texts on similar topics).

* Minimum rates and extra charges apply for texts shorter than 1,000 words. Don’t worry – we explain this clearly at the time of quoting.


With thanks to ITI for the main ideas in this series of posts. A PDF version of the guide is available in various languages here: